The Ad Manager gives your admins the ability to manage ads in a powerful system. You can add external ad provider ads (like adsense) or your own banners via the Admin Control Panel. We also boast a powerful criteria system so you can show your ads to who you want, when you want, where you want.


  • Use the XenForo criteria system to be very specific on when a certain ad should be shown
  • Show ads in various positions of your forum, don't have the position you want? Add it yourself with the position definition system by choosing a template hook to use. No hook in that place? One template edit to add it and you are set!
  • Style the ads container with inline CSS or set a class and style it in your own CSS files
  • Banner ads - upload a banner or set an image URL and select a destination URL... done
  • Custom code ads - for external providers (eg. adsense)
  • Display ads in order (giving even exposure) or randomly
  • Counts views and banner clicks


coming soon...